Social media. Digital marketing. Specialist. SEO. Graphics.

Heard it before? Said, “oh man, that’s good but way over my head” or “oh heck, I’ll try it – because it’s way out of my budget to hire someone.” Great. Now let’s do it better.

Take Flight Solutions is different. We teach you our secrets, we learn together, we grow together.  Because, the truth is – traditional roles are out the window. We are all marketers, communicators, idea-havers…sometimes people just need a little “finessing” along the way, and that’s where we come in.

At Take Flight Solutions we educate and empower the small business toward success. We stay on the cutting edge, share, and disseminate the information to you, so your company grows, along with your team’s skill sets. Let us do the heavy lifting, and let your business take flight.

Amy has really helped me take my business to the next level.  I know outdoor lighting but am clueless when it comes to social media. From using her services & recommendations I’ve launched my Facebook and am building buzz in the community, all while cutting my marketing costs by 75%.


Bella Lucé Design

Amy has empowered me to finally start my own business. Her genuine interest to educate and share her knowledge of digital marketing is refreshing. Whether it’s blogging, info-graphic creation, or consulting, Amy brings clear-headed, thoughtful, spot-on ideas about the social Web and its societal impacts.


FResch Perspective