Cameras are interesting.  They started as a simple point and shoot, with a lot of waiting.  Then, they were available in homes, then came video…it goes on and on.

Now, it’s like there are two types – back to the point and shoot nestled conveniently in your phone, or the overly-complex ones we leave to the experts and hobbyists.  But, what’s crazy? They both get the job done. They capture memories for a lifetime in their own special style.

Social media is like this. It started simple, something that was only available to certain individuals. Then it got crazy, really crazy, and everyone was trying to do everything. Now the market has taken a step back – there are two types, social media nestled conveniently in your phone or PC and then the experts and hobbyists who master several platforms and “live on the internet.”  And the truth, they do “live on the internet,” we have to. YOU shouldn’t.

So – Take Flight bridges the gap. We create simplicity through the complexity, and we meet in the middle in perfect marketing harmony.  Simplify, and you’ll have the perfect snapshot.

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