Hi, I’m Amy.

And I know a few things. And I can teach you a few things, while you teach me a few things too. That’s really my philosophy after working between the small business and corporate marketing world for the last 10 years.

I like marketing, and I truly believe advertising is art. I have a thirst to learn, so I do just that. I continually educate myself on the latest marketing trends, including: Social Media, Web Design, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Traditional Advertising Graphic Design, and building a brand.  I attend conferences, take continuing education, stay on the latest trends – and then I simplify it for you, the business owner. So you can focus on your day-to-day operations rather than why Instagram all of a sudden looks a whole lot like Snapchat.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Arts in Advertising and Spanish (¡Hola!) from Southern Methodist University, and I’ve worked for cutting-edge advertising agencies across the country before landing “the dream job” at Universal Orlando Resort.  There – I learned what it is to sell passion, to grow a brand into a global entity.

See – here’s the secret to marketing. On the internet, just for you, everyone wants connection. It’s a brand’s job to create that. People can “shop around” all they want, but what really sells a product? Well – that’s getting to know a brand, listening to your customer.

So, what do I do for you? I come in as a third party, but definitely not objective…because I will help you grow your business. How? By listening and acting. I’ll listen and act on your team’s needs, on your needs – and most importantly, the client needs.

Intrigued? Let’s chat.